Mission + Vision

"We believe intelligent design can deliver game-changing care and life-changing outcomes. Affinity is changing the way therapeutics are delivered, one drug at a time."

Established in 2010, Affinity Therapeutics, LLC, is a leading, research-driven bio-tech company focused on the design and delivery of life-enhancing medical applications to advance medical care decisions and outcomes. Designed to meet the ever-emerging and evolving needs of tomorrow's healthcare challenges today, we are setting the standard for a new model of responsive medical care.

Affinity is the only company that allows for life-enhancing drug therapy to be control-released, customized, and calibrated to necessary levels for treatment or prevention. That means through our proprietary technology platform, therapeutics can be released in the body specifically based on the individual's needs—whether it's within a matter of days or across several months. This groundbreaking, tunable, sustainable drug release platform has Affinity poised to create new paths of innovation within numerous medical fields, including regenerative medicine, oncology, and advanced wound therapy.

Partnered with Case Western Reserve University, one of the country's leading research institutions, Affinity is prepared to lead in today's complex biomedical and business landscapes. At the forefront of medical research and technology, we strive to make a difference by pioneering products that enhance growth and expand patient-centered research and life-enhancing development opportunities.


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